Confirm You Understand Requirements:

Getting a Police Check is not something you can do in five minutes!

We are required by the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) to gather a comprehensive set of information (including a range of documents) from you before we can submit your Police Check to ACIC for processing.

Please watch the video below so you are clear about what is required:

Summary of video:

1. Introduction:

The video clarifies that the stringent data requirements are set by the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC), not by Urban Verified itself.

The following are the basic categories of information which must be provided for a Police Check:

2. Personal Details:

Users must input basic information like name and date of birth.

3. Address Details:

Users must provide a record of ALL residential addresses for the last five years.

4. Application Details:

Users select the type of check—either for employment or as a volunteer. “Volunteer” checks are ONLY for people who receive NO remuneration for the role they require a Police Check for.

5. Photo ID:

Users must upload a picture of themselves holding their primary photo ID.

6. Required Documents:

Users must also upload evidence of birth or arrival in Australia, one primary document, and two secondary documents.

7. Consent:

Lastly, users must download, sign, and upload a PDF consent form.

8. Errors:

Please note, any errors in information, or documents provided to us, will require us to respond back to you to amend the information provided until it is correct, and will add to the timeframe taken to process your Police Check.
Please confirm you understand the above requirements, then click Continue.


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